DIY: Cheetah Nails

by eyount
DIY: Cheetah Nails
Cheetah prints and leopard spots are a fun way to wear animal-print without hurting animals (always important!) and without being too loud with a pair of stilettos or flashy dress. Nails can be cute (but subtle!) and everyone will compliment your nail print: we promise! It's Summer, and it's okay to be a little fun with your style this season.

The cheetah nail is not terribly difficult; any gal who loves doing her nails will be able to accomplish this look.
What You Need:
Gold nail polish
Black nail polish
Bronze nail polish
A clear top coat
A thin paintbrush, dotting tool or toothpick
A piece of paper


Step 1: Apply two coats of the gold polish to your nails and let dry.
Step 2: While the gold polish is drying, practice creating your cheetah spots a piece of paper. Starting with the bronze polish, create a small dot. Take the black polish and add half a circle to the edge of the bronze dot. Clean brush with water.
Step 3: Once the gold polish is dry, add your spots using the directions above.
Step 4: Once the spots are dry, finish with a clear top coat. You are ready to roll. MEOW!
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