Two toned autumn leaf nails

Make sure your nails are ready for autumn, too! Here are the prettiest two-toned autumn leaf nail options you can try!

  • A sugar-brown base and a mix of cream and burgundy colored leaves on each nail will definitely wow your girlfriends! And you’d want to wear your lovely nails for as long as possible!
  • Pair mauve and nude, apply a different shade to each nail, to mimic the bare beauty of autumn. 
  • Subtle peach and merlot red make for a stunning combination for French tips or an ombre effect!
  • Dark forest green and pale metallic gold replicate the gorgeous color contrasts of fall leaves!
  • Coffee brown and bright white depict bare trees against an almost wintry sky. 

Don’t forget to switch up your nail colors as you change into your fall wardrobe! You can easily recreate the mesmerizing colors of fall with two-toned autumn leaf nails!

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