Shiny Santa’s Belt Nails

Santa pal-ly, I wanna yacht and really that’s not a lot,

I’ve been a sweetie all year,

Santa buddy, so hurry down the chimney tonight.

Oh, sorry, we’ve just got Michael Buble’s Christmas album on over here because let us tell you, we are in the Christmas mood! 

Sitting by the fire, drinking hot cocoa and taking in all the holiday spirit is what this month is all about. Not to mention planning our outfits for the office holiday party and family gatherings. We thought of the perfect touch to any festive get up – Santa’s belt nails!  

This is a super easy design that will make any ugly Christmas sweater or Mrs. Claus outfit better than all the rest. These nails will also keep you in the spirit throughout the work day and any time you need a merry little pick me up. 

What You’ll Need

Base Coat

Top Coat

Red polish (We used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Rapid Red)

Black Stripe Rite polish (or regular black polish and a steady hand)

Gold polish 

Dotting Tool

Old magazine, newspaper or cardstock

Step 1

Apply your base coat.

Step 2

Paint two coats of your Rapid Red polish. 

Step 3

Take your Black Stripe Rite polish and carefully draw a black horizontal line across your nail, about a centimeter from the tip. If you do not have Stripe Rite, you can use the brush or a dotting tool to draw the belt – just be sure to go slowly. 

Step 4

Draw a square off-centered on each nail for Santa’s belt buckle. In case you make your square too small, you can always go back and touch up with black. 

Step 5

After your nails are almost fully dry, apply your top coat. 

And voila! 

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