Leopard Manicure

Leopard Manicure

With leopard prints hitting the streets of New York Fashion Week, we thought it’d be appropriate to dedicate this week’s nail tutorial to the animal print we all know and love. This versatile print can spruce up an outfit lacking color or even acts as a complement to the most flamboyant prints out there. You really can’t go wrong.

The Fit and Fab Living team decided to go for a mauve leopard print because we’re diehard fans of Sally Hansen’s Commander in Chic polish. It really goes with everything.

What You’ll Need

-Base Coat

-Top Coat

-Black polish

-A base color of your choice (we used Commander in Chic by Sally Hansen)

-Gold polish ( we used Swing Baby by China Glaze)

-Dotting tool, toothpick or paint brush

-Magazine, cardstock or index card

Step 1

Apply your base coat.

Step 2

Apply one to two coats of your Commander in Chic polish.

leopard manicure

Step 3

Take your Swing Baby polish and using the nail brush or your own paint brush, draw a few rough dots on each nail.

leopard manicure

Step 4

Now, take your black polish and draw what could be described as parenthesis around the gold dots you just drew. (Optional: I also added a few random black marks in blank areas to give it a more natural look.)

Step 5

Finally, add your top coat and you’re done!

We love to hearing from our readers about different techniques they’re using for their nail art designs. So, if you went with a bolder base color or used a new tool that you wouldn’t mind sharing, write us in the comments below!

Happy polishing!

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