Get The Look: Long-Lasting Lip Color

As you probably already know, we’re pretty obsessed with bright pink lips this season. The hardest part about pulling off a bold lip color is making sure that it lasts with even coverage all day long. Your first step should always be to exfoliate your lips. This will remove all the dead skin, while also plumping your lips.

Next, use primer on your lips, then blend it in with a sponge to provide you with even coverage. Then line the outside of your lips with a light lip liner. This will blend into the primer to give your bright liner a perfect base. It will also make your lips appear larger! Next, use your bright colored liner to outline your lips, covering the first liner. Apply the lipstick, or in this case, the lip crayon to your lips. Take a tissue and cover your lips (do not wipe or blot the lip color.) Then use a brush to lightly apply a finishing powder to the tissue. This step sets the color and will ensure that the pigment lasts. Then apply one last layer of the lip color for a flawless look!

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