Remove Makeup Gently

Remove Makeup Gently

There are probably many women out there who use tissue (i.e., Kleenex, Puffs, etc. – not the gift wrapping kind) to remove their eye makeup.  Well, STOP!

Technically, facial tissue, like other paper products, is made from wood fibers.  Even though the fibers are tiny, and the tissues feel soft, there are those who believe that these wood fibers can wear and damage skin, over time.

Instead of tissue, try using a cotton ball, or one of the special little makeup sponges to remove your makeup.  You may find that you have less pulling and tugging involved in your makeup removal process.

What To Use

While makeup manufacturers also manufacture makeup remover, you don’t necessarily need to use it.  There are several tried and true products you can use to remove makeup, and they don’t have to cost a left lung.  Or a left eye, for that matter!

There exist plenty of advocates for using baby oil on a cotton ball to remove eye makeup, and it does work just fine…I know, because I’ve done it.  Some women like to use petroleum jelly instead, and it does the trick.  My personal preference, however, is good old cold cream (and to be honest, I often use a tissue to apply it, but shh…don’t tell anyone). 

I’ve even read where women have used baby shampoo, the theory being, if it’s gentle enough for baby, and tear-free to boot, why not?  I’ve never tried this, but like I said, I’ve read that it works.

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