How to Fake a Tan in the Winter

After having that bronze glow all summer, it can be a bummer once it starts to fade away come wintertime. Not only can a tan give you a healthy, fresh look, it’s also easier to skip the makeup when you already feel like you look fresh and different. You can still fake a tan this winter with minimal effort! And you won’t even need to hit the tanning bed. All you need are some great self-tanning products and some free time.

Self-tanning products are the safest and easiest way to get a light winter glow. Some come in easy wipes, others are lotions and others are actually airbrush tans in cans, but the result is the same. You’ll look a little tanner, and you won’t need to visit a tanning salon.
Before you grab the prettiest self-tanner out there, take a second to really determine what kind of look you want. If you’re naturally pale, we don’t recommend you try the darkest shade. You want look healthy, but still natural. Go for a shade that is only 1-2 tones darker than your normal skin tone. You don’t want to look like a pumpkin during the holidays!
After you’ve found the shade that you want, go to your local beauty store and find a self-tanning product. Make sure to check the reviews of products online to determine what works and what doesn’t for your skin type. If you have oily skin, a lotion might not be the best choice, for example.
Once you purchase the self-tanning lotion, make sure to shower and remove the dead cells from your skin. After you’re finished and dried off, apply the self-tanner to your legs. This isn’t a normal moisturizer, so you might have to apply a bit more than normal. You should avoid tanning your knees and elbows. Those parts are hard to tan correctly, and you increase the chance of gross tanning streaks.

After you’ve finished your bottom half, wash your hands with soap or water, so there any unwanted splotches don’t develop. Then move on to your midsection. Apply the tanner to your tummy, and if you have a friend nearby, ask her to use a sponge to apply the tanner to your back.

Remember that applying self-tanner isn’t an exact science. It’s troublesome, tricky and far from a perfect solution. If you have a friend who wants a winter glow too, invite her over so you can apply your tanners together. Then you’ll have a second pair of eyes to tell you if you’re going too dark or are making any mistakes. After you’ve finished the process, wait at least an hour before you exercise or shower. Your tanner needs time to set, and it might not look exactly right the first time.

During that time, you can decide what to do about your face. Using a self-tanner on your face is really risky. Some people don’t react correctly to it, and end up with pimples for weeks. Instead of jumping the gun with a self-tanner, try a bronzer instead. If you mess up while using a self-tanner on your bottom half, you don’t have to worry too much. But if your face looks way too tan, you can bet that people will notice.
Bronzer is a more simple option for a sun-kissed look. Add this step to your makeup routine, and you’ll look a little darker every day. Bronzers come in lotions and powders, and which one you prefer is up to you. Just remember to light apply it on your face and neck. Don’t overdo it, and ask a friend how it looks.
Combining a self-tanning lotion on your body and a little bronzer on your face and you’ll look like you have a summer tan in no time. Not only is it healthier than going to a tanning bed, but it’s not permanent either. The self-tanner on your legs will wear off within a week or two, and you’ll be taking the bronzer off your face every night. Sounds like the perfect solution!

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