6 Ways to Shed Years with Makeup

6 Ways to Shed Years with Makeup

Did you know that with the help of your favorite makeup products you can actually make yourself look years younger? Yes, we’re talking foundation, concealer, blush, eye shadow, lipstick and mascara. So don’t even think about splurging for some new and expensive anti-aging makeup, just use what you have and use it right!

1. Foundation 

Instead of caking on layers of foundation, only use a tiny bit to hide any age spots that you might have. Overdoing it can clog your pores, and make you look like you’re trying too hard. Make sure to also blend it, so that it looks natural. When buying foundation, choose one that not only moisturizes your skin, but also contains sunscreen. Your skin needs to be protected all year round, while still looking fabulous!

2. Dark Circles

Hide any dark circles using a cream-based concealer and make sure to use it underneath your eyes from the inner corner to the outer. If your circles look browner, try a peach concealer, whereas if you’re circles look more like the color of a bruise, try a yellow concealer.

3. Your Best Friend 

Where ever you plan to go, we think this is the one product you should always carry. A little bit of blush goes a long way, and it helps give you back that rosy glow that you used to have. Just a tiny bit on the cheeks is all you need to give you some of those years back.

4. The Eyes

Shimmery eye shadow isn’t the best way to go when you want your eyes to be noticed. Try a matte shadow with a darker shade, and don’t apply too much. Apply it like you would with eye liner and watch as you start getting noticed more while you’re out running errands. Plus, this tip helps conceal any puffiness your eyes might have.

5. Hot Lips

Sure, the stars wear bright red lipstick on the red carpet all the time, and some of them are in their 50s, but in the real world, red lipstick isn’t a typical look. When you’re trying to shed a couple years, skip the bright shades and any form of lip liner, and try a pink gloss instead. It’s subtle, but it gives your lip a plumper look.

6. Brown Mascara 

As we get older, black mascara isn’t as popular as it once was. It can take over your look, and actually make you look older. But we’re not saying you should skip the mascara. On the contrary, we just think you should try brown shades or even navy.

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