The 7 Best Anti-Wrinkle Tricks

The 7 Best Anti-Wrinkle Tricks

Want to look like Jane Seymour? Us too! That woman ages so gracefully that we can’t tell if she has wrinkles or not! And it doesn’t matter either way because every time we see here, she’s always filled with smiles and confidence. That’s why we believe that every woman she look and feel her best no matter her age! Wrinkles might pop up, but don’t be ashamed. Flaunt your look or just try some of our best secrets to hide those wrinkles a bit. After all, we bet Jane Seymour does the same thing!

1. Nutrition Matters 

We all know that in order for our skin to maintain its healthy glow as we get older, we need to treat it with love and care. But that doesn’t just hold true for skin products, what we eat matters as well. Maintaining a healthy diet can help ward off wrinkles, according to a report in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition. They found that participants who ate plenty of healthy foods – including green leafy vegetables, nuts, olive oil, beans, and multi-grain breads – were less likely to develop wrinkles than participants who maintained diets high in butter, red meat, and sugar.

2. Skip Shimmer

There’s a reason why most older women shy away from shimmery eye shadows, and it doesn’t have anything to do with it being “too young” for them. On the contrary, sparkles can actually accentuate any wrinkles you might have, and make you look even older! Opt for wearing a nice liner on your top lid and a bit of mascara. Give the shimmer to your daughters or granddaughters.

3. Papaya Power 

The natural fruit acid and enzymes remove dead skin cells and your skin will look and feel both younger and smoother. Click here to see the recipe! All you need is papaya and aloe vera gel! So simple!

4. Lighten the Foundation

Not many women know that heavy foundation can actually highlight facial wrinkles! How horrible is that? Say bye-bye to the extreme makeup, and start using a tinted moisturizer instead. Not everyone can separate from their foundation, so we have a better strategy. Mix equal parts foundation and moisturizer to get the best of both worlds.  

5. Wipe Yourself

After a long night, the last thing you want to worry about is washing your face. You just want to drop right onto your bed, and catch some beauty sleep. But if you leave makeup on your face, the sleep will be anything but beautiful! If you’re one of those people who constantly leaves makeup on her face before she snoozes, keep some baby wipes near your bed and use them before you hit the hay. They make such a difference.

6. Anti-Aging Skin Fighter 

Yogurt, lemon juice, vitamin E and honey make this recipe an easy way to fight wrinkles. Click here to see the measurements and get the directions so you make the best wrinkle fighter ever!

7. Vitamin E 

This is the one vitamin that can really help your skin win the aging battle. It can be found in many skin products and body lotions, and makes your skin silky smooth. Many women use vitamin E under their eyes to make any wrinkles they might have less noticeable. What’s even better is that it may actually prevent new wrinkles form forming.

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