6 Sunscreen Myths Exposed!

6 Sunscreen Myths Exposed!

When it comes to sunscreen, there are many common misconceptions that people have about when to use it, how long to use it, what SPF they need, and more.  Don’t let the truth get clouded- we’ll expose these sunscreen myths and fill you in on how to stay safe this summer!

MYTH: You don’t need to apply sunscreen when it is cloudy.
Sunscreen should be applied every day, even when the sun isn’t out.  Ultraviolet rays are strong enough to make their way through the clouds, resulting in a possible sunburn for you.  Apply sunscreen on a daily basis to avoid burning and prematurely aging your skin.

MYTH: You only need sunscreen in the summer.
Many people subconsciously think that if it’s not hot out, the sun can’t harm you.  However, the sun is a danger all year long, even in the winter.  You’re most at risk when there’s snow on the ground, as the sun’s rays reflect of the snow and become more dangerous.  Keep yourself protected through every season.

MYTH: You can keep a bottle of sunscreen forever.
Just like any other beauty product, sunscreen has an expiration date.  Look on the bottle to see when your sunscreen will lose its effectiveness. If your bottle doesn’t have an expiration date, toss it out after about a year and a half or two years.

MYTH: You only need to apply sunscreen once a day.
Even if you’re wearing waterproof sunscreen, you still have to re-apply throughout the day.  Sunscreen loses its effectiveness over time, so only applying in the morning will expose you to the risk of burning later in the day.  If you’re out and about, re-apply about every two hours (more if you’re sweating a lot). If you’re swimming, you should reapply every 80 minutes or so.
MYTH: Sunscreen with SPF 90 is three times as effective as SPF 30.
Not so!  SPF 30 sunscreen blocks 97% of ultraviolet rays, and tripling the amount of SPF only increases your protection by 2%!  Doctors recommend that you wear an SPF of 30 or above, but no matter how high you go, there is no sunscreen that can protect you from 100% of UV rays.

MYTH: I don’t need sunscreen there!
Covering your arms, legs, and chest is good, but don’t forget other, more forgotten, parts of your body.  Your ears, lips, and toes can get just as burnt as the rest of your body.  Also, don’t forget your scalp- it’s the most forgotten of all, but gets burnt easily!

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