Top 3 Lipstick Dos and Don'ts

Top 3 Lipstick Dos and Don’ts

It may seem simple enough to walk into the drug store, pick a lipstick that looks appealing, and put it on. However, the task of wearing lipstick is a lot more complicated, and being knowledgeable can help you rock this trend. Keep reading for the Top 3 Dos and Don’ts of wearing lipstick!


Experiment with color. Even if you’ve become a pro at applying that nude or pink lipstick, you can make a statement with a bold plum or red as well. Don’t get caught up in using the same color all the time, and instead, surprise everyone with your fashion-forward look.

Find your favorite sheen.
 One of the hardest parts of finding a lipstick is deciding on a matte or shine finish, and learning how dry or wet your lips are after applying different lipsticks. If you prefer a more stained look, apply your lipstick and then put a chapstick or lip balm over it to dull the effect. For a shinier look, you’ll need to reapply throughout the day.

Coordinate with your outfit. Lipstick is a big statement if you choose a really bold color, so make sure it matches the outfit you’ve picked. If you want full emphasis on your sparkly floral top, choosing a red lipstick can detract from that. If you’re wearing all neutrals and you want focus to go up towards your smiling face, a dark plum lipstick can work wonders.


Overdo the lip liner. Yes, lip liner is supposed to define the edges of your lips, and it’s a great tool to use once you’re comfortable doing makeup. However, lots of people think that lip liner should be distinguished from your overall lip color, which isn’t true. The lip liner should outline your lips, but the actual lip color should fill in those lines and make the two products appear as one.

Clash eyeshadow and lips. With a bold lip color, everything else on the face from blush to colored eye makeup needs to be toned down. Don’t make the mistake of pairing a blue eye shadow with a red lipstick, because you’ll have a really bizarre look.

Cake it on. Sometimes, it’s difficult to prevent lipstick from rubbing off on your glasses or teeth, but it’s really important that you keep your lipstick where it belongs: on your lips. Even lipsticks that appear wet actually dry, so just be sure to allow your color to dry. If you have a gel type of lip color that rubs off easily, be conscious of that and be sure to dab it with a napkin before you go out for a drink.

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