The Dos and Don’ts of Special Occasion Makeup

Whether you’re just attending a special event or holiday, or have a key role in the celebration, doing your makeup for a special occasion is different than your day-to-day makeup. Keep reading to learn how to do your makeup for special occasions without the help of a professional.

Prepare Your Skin
For those who don’t regularly wear foundation, it’s important to apply foundation and a powder to set it in place. Your skin will photograph better with some product on it, and makeup can help stave off shine that results from oil on the skin. Bring blotting papper with you so that you can dab any excess moisture off your skin during the occasion.
Also, it’s very imporant to know your skin type. If your skin is usually dry, be sure to apply moisturizer in the days leading up to your event. If your skin is usually oily, don’t overwash it because that can actually cause your skin to produce even more oil. Instead, help your skin reestablish a normal pattern by washing with cool water.

Invest in Specialized Makeup
The makeup you currently have in your makeup bag is most likely not ideal for special occasions. Even if you buy quality makeup for day-to-day wear, makeup that photographs well and stays put for a long time is of a completely different caliber. At the makeup counter, ask for makeup with a photo finish. 

Don’t Take Shortcuts
In your day-to-day makeup routine, you might bypass application of primer to your eyelids before your eyeshadow, or you might not pencil in your eyebrows. For special occasions, go through the motions of applying all of your makeup, and doing it correctly. The results will be especially special because you will definitely look your best. While it’s easy to cut out steps that don’t feel like they matter, you’ll be happy when your makeup lasts all day and looks exceptional.

Be True to Yourself
It’s expected that for a special occasion you’d put more effort than usual into your beauty routine. However, you don’t want to steer too far away from who you are, just to pull of a look that you saw on someone else or in a magazine. If you usually wear your hair down, don’t think that you have to switch to an updo just because everyone else is doing so. Instead, be yourself, and just specialize what you’re already rocking every day.

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