Eyelash Trends Through the Years

Mascara was first used in the early 1900s, after it was invented by Eugene Rimmel using vaseline jelly and coal dust. The invention of false eyelashes followed more than a decade later. But eyelash trends began much, much earlier…. 

Between 1300 and 1500, women removed part or all of their eyebrows and eyelashes to accentuate their forehead, which was considered a beautiful part of a woman’s face.  

During the swingin’ sixties, the thicker and longer the lashes, the better! False eyelashes were worn both on the upper and lower lashes and heavily coated in black mascara and framed by thick, winged, black liner. 

By the 2000s, women were given more options to emphasize their eyelashes – from strip lashes, double-stacked lashes, to feathers and natural-looking lashes. Semi-permanent extensions became all the rage, lash bars and salons started popping up, and the demand gave birth to lash technicians.  

Around 2015, spider lashes, rebel lashes, chaotic lashes, and manga lashes were in fashion. The clumpy rock-chick lashes of the ‘70s also made a comeback.

Since then, innovations in eyelash treatments and products have only improved and made maintaining beautiful, come-hither lashes a regular part of women’s beauty regimen.

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