New Makeup Tips to Make Your Eyes Pop

New Makeup Tips to Make Your Eyes Pop

Are your mascara and eyeliner working to their full potential? For stunning eyes, try these tips we bet you haven’t heard before.

Get Voluminous Lashes Without Mascara

Apply eyeliner along the upper rim of your eye in between and underneath your lashes. Your lashes will appear fuller without having a lined eye.

Wet Lashes

Why is it that our lashes always look amazing right out of the shower? To recreate this sexy look, apply a coat of clear mascara first, then top with a coat of black mascara.

Go For Soft Lines

“Soften a pencil by rolling its tip between your thumb and forefinger for a few seconds,” recommends CoverGirl. “This will allow you to create a softer line and help eliminate tugging on the eye area.”

Add Extra Coats

After you’ve applied mascara, add an extra coat to your outer lashes.  This will make your lashes look long and make your eyes appear farther apart.

Use Black Mascara

No matter your hair color, black mascara is flattering on everyone. It defines youe eyes and makes you look awake.

Use Shadow as Liner

Use a sponge tip applicator and apply shadow close to the lash line. Smudge the shadow for smokey eye.

If You Wear Glasses…

Glasses can make your eyes look smaller, so at least put on some mascara. Frames also draw attention to your eyebrows so keep them well groomed.

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