Moringa Oil

Moringa Oil: What It Is and Why You Need It

Moringa oil is trending in the health and beauty departments like never before. This oil is said to be something of a miracle oil, but why is it trending now and why is it so popular? 

Moringa oil has been around for hundreds of years providing aid for health and beauty. “The Tree of Life” or more commonly known as the Moringa oleifera tree provides an abundance of health and beauty resources that keeps us humans thriving. 

From a health standpoint the miracle tree, Moringa tree, is being used as a food resource in less fortunate countries. The tree is, for the most part, edible and chalked full of nutrients. The tree also has lots of medical and healing properties that can be beneficial in numerous ways.  People around the world are using this miraculous resource to overcome malnutrition and disease in impoverished countries.   

On a lighter note, the Moringa oil (also from the Moringa tree) has many benefits in the beauty department as well.  It is now used in just about all beauty cosmetics and supplies such as shampoo, conditioner, hair care products, lotion, body oil, lip balm, wrinkle cream, face cream, body wash, perfume, and deodorant.  There is no escaping the Moringa oil, even at the spa, Moringa oil is used in aromatherapy and massage oils.  However, you should be happy about it being used everywhere, because it is a natural resource that hasn’t been manipulated and changed into some kind of unhealthy synthetic source.

Moringa oil is especially popular and most effective when it comes to skin. This oil has nutrients in it that aid the skin with Vitamin-A, which builds collagen, Vitamin-C, to help reduce stress lines and unwanted wrinkles, and Vitamin-E to help healthy healing and reduce any anti-inflammatory that are seen deep within your skin.  

Skin Toning Moisturizer: This DIY skin toner recipe will work on all skin types. Mix one tablespoon of raw coconut oil, two teaspoons of Moringa oil and one cup of witch hazel. Keep this serum in a sterile bottle to provide the best results. Every morning and every night you will gain more beautiful skin with each wash and rinse.

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