Eye Shadow

Pro Pointers: The Do’s and Don’ts of Eye Shadow

With thousands of different makeup products out there, choosing the right products and learning how to use them can be overwhelming. It can also be difficult to avoid common eye shadow mistakes.

Today, we’re breaking down how to step up your beauty look with the help of some tips and tricks on eye shadow application.

DO: Get In A Routine

Stick with a daily eye shadow routine that actually works with your schedule and routine. If you have only five minutes to apply makeup in the morning but plan to incorporate several eye products into your beauty routine, you’ll more than likely end up straying from your plan.

If you’re short on time most mornings, try a simple kit such as bareMinerals’ Bare Tutorials Neutral Eyes ($29.50, bareescentuals.com). It includes four eye products and step-by-step instructions on how to apply them together for a simple, quick and beautiful neutral eye look.

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