Spa Hacks

5 DIY Home Spa Hacks

Don’t let the high costs of spa centers stop you from treating yourself. You can easily set up a home spa for a frugal and relaxing evening. 

Run up a warm bath and take care of yourself with all sorts of treatments from facials to pedicures. 

Kick back, scroll through, and find your next sap hack for the perfect self-care day.

Warm Bath

It’s good to start off this home spa with a warm bath. Fill your tub up with hot/warm water. Dim the lights and use candles. Some scents, like lavender, are good for helping people relax.

Play some nature sounds in the background while you soak in warm water with your favorite glass of wine. Don’t forget to exfoliate and moisturize. Spa treatments work best when they are done with fresh, clean skin. 

Scented candles: $3.00 
Nature Sounds: Free on Youtube

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