How To Run Properly

How To Run Properly

It seems like the easiest thing in the world, but running efficiently so you get a better workout with less injuries can actually be quite a challenge. Keep reading to make sure that you are running properly and with purpose!

Your Head: Make sure your head is held steady and that you’re looking forward. Also, it may be tempting to tense your neck or extend your chin, but stay relaxed and centered.

Your Shoulders and Arms: Relax your shoulders and keep them down. This will help set a good platform for your arms to swing freely back and forth. Make sure your arms aren’t going across your abdomen or chest. Hold those elbows at 90 degrees.

Your Hands: Keep your hands closed, but don’t clench and make a fist. 

Your Abs: Stand tall and carry your torso above your legs. Don’t slouch.

Your Knees: Don’t lift them too high, as this will result in less efficient running.

Your Legs: Make sure your front foot doesn’t come out in front of your body, but stays underneath you.

Your Feet: Push off with the front of your foot, and land mid-foot, not on your heels. Keep your ankles tensed as you push off.