A Simple Running/Walking Plan for Beginners

A Simple Running/Walking Plan for Beginners

If you’re a novice runner, being able to run for 10 minutes might seem like an unachievable goal.  But if you alternate running and walking, 10 minutes will seem like a breeze!  Here’s how you do it:

-Start with a 5 minutes stretch of walking.  It doesn’t have to be speed-walking, but it should be at a quick pace.

-Next, jog for 2 minutes.

-After your 2 minute jog, do another 5 minute peridod of walking, but make it faster this time. 

-Continue to alternate jogging for 2 minutes and walking for 5 minutes.  By the end, you should have run for 5 sets of 2 minutes and you should have walked for 4 sets of 5 minutes (not including the 5 minute warm-up).

-End with a final 5-minute walk and make it about the same speed as your warm-up.