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Are The Latest Diets Really That Healthy?

There are so many new diets appearing that it’s hard to keep up! Keep reading and we’ll give you the rundown on just how healthy three of these new fad diets really are. The truth might surprise you!

Veganism- Though veganism has been around for awhile, we thought it’d be beneficial to share the pros and cons of this diet. This diet strips away both the meat and by-products of animals. Research has shown that a vegan diet prevents people from getting sick as often as those who eat animal products. The fact that most bacterial contaminations of food occur in meat could be a correlation. A vegan diet is also cheaper, since plant based products are easier to harvest. Not many people know that white sugar, beer, and wine should also be excluded from vegan diets. It’s also important to get all the vitamins and minerals in. Iron, in particular, is one many vegans are lacking. Quinoa, spinach, and peaches are all great sources of iron that are also vegan-friendly.

Gluten-Free- This diet trend stemmed as a result from an increase in Celiac disease diagnoses.The pros of this diet include the easy ability to maintain a healthy diet; gluten isn’t needed for us to remain nutritionally healthy. You’ll also wind up cutting out a lot of processed junk food, as gluten is found in many of those snacks. However, that doesn’t give you free roam to eat whatever you want. Just because a box of muffins say gluten-free doesn’t mean they’re healthy. Make sure to check the other nutritional values. Also, make sure to increase your vegetable and fruit intake so you don’t lose any of your daily fiber. 

Macrobiotic- Nearly every source consulted said to steer clear of this diet. Not only is this diet counterintuitive, it can be downright dangerous. Though grains and vegetables are the main food sources here, not every vegetable and grain can be eaten. Peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, and spinach are some of the most notorious “don’t eats” in this diet. They’re deemed as having too much acid to be healthy. However, they’re actually really healthy for us. Plus, all the grains included in this diet could be harmful to our waistline unless we practice intense portion control on this diet. We say steer clear. 

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