The Best Winter Coats For All Body Types

We all know that certain swimsuits flatter different body types. But did you know that the same thing is true of a winter coat? Yes, your jacket during the cold months might only flatter you if you have the body type that matches its style. So before you grab the cutest pea coat, make sure that it’ll flaunt the body parts that you want and minimize your not so favorite areas.

Apple – Women with this have broader shoulder and more narrow hips. The top half of their body is usually wider than the bottom half.

The Coat For You – Instead of drawing more attention to the top half of your body, try to emphasize your hips and waistline with a single-breasted coat. Coats with zippers will be easier to deal with, rather than those with bulky buttons. Also, opt for coats with an A-line on top.

Rectangular – Often called the athletic shape, women with this body type usually have minimal curves and are lean.

The Coat For You – Since you don’t have many curves, let your coat create some for you. Opt for one that fits your form to a tee, and also has some fashionable detailing. Look for coats with big pockets, funky designs and lots of flash. A flare at the bottom is totally in right now too!

Pear – The opposite of the apple, this body shape is described as having larger hips as compared to the upper body. The hips are usually wider, as is the buttocks.

The Coat For You – Your upper half is narrower than the bottom, so the best strategy is to try to draw attention to your top to make it look wider. A great choice is fur, wide collars or a fun scarf to go with your winter coat. Also, make sure to check out double-breasted coats. They’re fashionable and ideal for pear shapes.

Hourglass – The hips and bust size are almost even in this body shape, but what really stands out is the smaller waist.

The Coat For You
 – Show off your small waist with a belt to define it and show those wicked curves. This works even better with trench coats, which already come with sexy belts. Long or short, just make sure that your coat emphasizes your waste, and doesn’t show off the top or bottom too much.

Round – Whereas the shoulder and hips are narrower in this body type, the stomach area is broader and undefined.

The Coat For You – Instead of letting your body be hidden by an oversize winter coat, try one that gives you definition and clings to your frame. While you don’t want it to be skin-tight, Skip the black and brown, and try a fun color instead.