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Petite or Plus: 4 New Ways to Dress for Your Body Type

Every popular clothing store you can think of probably makes clothes for women who are 5’8” and who weigh 130 pounds. It isn’t always as easy for full-figured women or women who are shorter than 5’4” to grab and go when shopping. Here are the places to seek out, materials to look for and ways for you to present your best self- the person who has a body shape that is unique!

Whether you are tall or short, being well-endowed can be a problem. It’s hard to find the right bra, the right bathing suit and the type of clothing that doesn’t make you look inappropriate. Materials with stretch are good, but don’t let the stretchy top be your go-to look. Sometimes those materials actually cling where they shouldn’t. Tailored shirts from Talbots and Land’s End offer coverage and are available in a variety of sizes; petites and plus sizes in particular. Land’s End focuses on great bathing suit shapes and Talbot’s offers a great selection of pants for petite women, plus-size women and petite-plus ladies!

Rediscover Old Navy
It’s not just the store you bought t-shirts at ten years ago anymore. You can buy whimsical dresses and flouncy skirts, delicate beach bags and flirty scarves! Old Navy not only has terrific Gap-like clothing at a fraction of the price, they also cater to a varying scale of body types. They have petite clothing for height 5’4” and under and ‘Tall’ clothing for women over 5’10”. They carry clothes from size 0-30, so everyone is covered- literally!

Sending out an (A)SOS!
This website (Asos.com) is known for featuring items seen on celebrities (As Seen on Screen). This has been my secret go-to site for accessories and dresses for years now, but now that they have been Americanized (shipping now from America and not just the UK), they are popping up on top stylist lists everywhere! You can choose from the Petite line or the Curve line and there is even a Maternity line that is still uber fashionable. I can’t say that I know of a better place for affordable digs. They carry designer brands, too- so feel free to browse both high and low!

Never fear the accessory
As a petite woman, your hands may typically grab for the more delicate chain. As a plus-size woman, you may opt for the large statement necklace. Just remember that you can both have it either way- an accessory is an accessory, and as long as your purse isn’t ten times the size that you are, you can look good in anything— as long as you wear it with confidence! Be sure to check out more style tips for dressing your body type here!