Perfect Denim

How to Pick the Perfect Denim

There seem to be a million different types of jeans out there, and it’s tough to decide which ones look best on our bodies. Keep reading for a great set of instructions on how to choose the perfect cut and color for your denim!


Bootcut: These jeans are almost universally flattering. The style is fitted well in the waist and hips, and fits comfortably in the thighs and calves. The bottom of the jeans is not too tight or loose. The name for “bootcut” is derived from the need to wear them tucked into boots, but also over boots. This cut is perfect for doing just that. Tall/slender people are especially fitted for the boot cut, because it fills you out a bit more with looser fabric. 

Flare: This style is also great for slim/slender people because the flare leg helps to give more of an hourglass appearance to the figure. Flare jeans come in many different varieties, but are usually tighter in the thighs and knees, and then have extra material in the calf area. This style is the most casual, and looks great with sandals and clogs.

Skinny: Jeans that are tight throughout the hips, thighs, calves, and ankles are called skinny jeans. They hug your figure, and are best for people who have moderate to fuller curves. Skinny jeans are the most fashion-forward, and look great paired with all different types of shoes, from booties to sandals to heels to flats. Try pairing your skinnies with a poncho or longer shirt, as it will help contribute to the vision of fuller curves. Jeggings are an extreme version of skinny jeans that are even tighter fitting, so as to have the appearance of leggings.

Straight: Straight-leg jeans have been in style for decades, and will continue to be. They are the most comfortable, low-maintenance cut. They fit in the waist, but are more relaxed throughout the rest of the leg. You won’t be struggling to pull them on in the morning, and they are universally flattering!


Dark: Everyone knows that dark jeans can be worn to more formal occasions, often they’re appropriate for church or dinner out! Choose this color if you’re going for a more sophisticated or put-together look. Dark skinnies look great with flats and a bold bag for dinner or a night out on the town.

Light: A lighter wash is more casual for jeans. Usually, lighter jeans have a more relaxed feel to the fabric, and might even be more comfortable. Pair light jeans with a cotton tee for the grocery store or a concert, and feel relaxed knowing that you look casual and fabulous!