Cold Weather Jackets for Your Body Type

As everyone knows, not all winter coats look great on everyone. Keep reading for our guide on how to pick out a jacket that’s flattering, and keeps you cozy and warm!

If You’re Petite: Shorter women know the feeling of trying to look taller and stand out in the crowd. It’s tricky to pick a winter jacket if you’re short or have a small frame because you swim in bigger jackets. Forget trench coats, fur coats, and anything that is too puffy or bulky. Instead, opt for a jacket that’s well-tailored and hits mid-thigh. With more of your legs showing, you will look taller! 

If You’re Plus-Sized: Well-structured jackets will streamline your figure and make you look elegant. Make sure your jacket is long enough — Blazers should fall below the butt while winter coats can be even longer. Longer jackets make the body appear slender, and they hug the right curves.

If You’re Really Tall: Wear a shorter jacket to distract from your height. A jacket that hits a little below the waist will accentuate your waist, as well as show off your hips.