6 Secrets to Looking 10 Lbs. Slimmer with Fashion

6 Secrets to Looking 10 Lbs. Slimmer with Fashion

It’s no secret that you can choose clothing to flatter your figure – just ask any celebrity out there! Keep reading to learn some of our secrets for dressing your body so that it looks the best that it can be.

Consider Pattern: There are a few patterns that are flattering for everyone, but otherwise you need to look at the design of the fabric and how it will look on your body type. Horizontal stripes rarely look good because they shorten you and make you appear wider.

Proper Fit is Crucial: Wearing clothes that are far too tight tends to display any imperfections in your figure. Similarly, wearing really baggy clothes can make you look larger than you actually are, which isn’t what any of us need.

Choose Quality Fabric: Well-made, more structured fabrics can give your body a shape that stretchy fabrics cannot. Use structured fabrics to define your waist, and streamline your torso and lower half.

Be Conservative on Top: While it’s not fair, it’s true – women who are smaller on top seem to get away with more when it comes to low-cut tops and even sleeveless shirts. Avoid triangle-style and halter tops, and instead opt for thicker straps on your shirts, and it’ll make you look even more put together.

Proportions are Everything: Steer clear of overwhelming outfit pieces that detract from your entire look. If you’re short and want to look taller, it’s good to break up your outfit and lengthen each part, as opposed to wearing a dress that covers it all. 

Shoes are Important! You can look taller and even more elongated with the right pair of shoes. If this is a concern, avoid ankle straps, as they cut off your leg before it ends, and make you look shorter. Also, try wearing nude pumps, because they’ll lengthen your legs. Super clunky shoes are no one’s friend, so instead try to look for something classic  and lighter weight.