Exercise Ball Lifts

There are many benefits to using an exercise ball in your workouts. They force you to stabilize your body, which makes it body work a little bit harder for that extra burn.

The exercise ball lift is a balance exercise that puts your glutes and thighs to work. It’s a really easy exercise once you get the balance element down. Plus, it works wonders in toning that butt!

1.    Start by lying down on the floor with your feet on top of the exercise ball and your arms at your side.
2.    Inhale and begin pushing your heels into the exercise to raise yourself up.
3.    Contract your glutes to maintain balance on the ball and raise your hips off the ground.
4.    Hold the raised position for 5 seconds.
5.    Exhale and begin to lower yourself back to the starting position.
6.    Repeat the exercise about 10 times.

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