Next-Level Workout Tips From Fitness Expert Tom Holland

Next-Level Workout Tips From Fitness Expert Tom Holland

Recently, I was fortunate to speak with Tom Holland, the lead fitness adviser for Bowflex. You may recognize that name from the workout equipment at the local gym, and perhaps you’ve tried some of their fitness shakes.

Talking to Tom about how to get fit on a busy schedule was fun and enlightening. His main message? You only need just a few minutes today to make an impact. Read on for more essential tips that will totally transform the way you view working out and how it fits into your daily life. If you have 5 minutes to read this, you have 5 minutes to work up a sweat…and get in your workout for today! Let’s get started.

It's All About "Strong" not "Skinny"

Tom started his career in fitness at the age of 17 working in his local gym as a trainer, but his passion emerged much earlier.

Regarding his childhood he said, “I grew up in a family of 5 brothers. You have to be tough or suffer the consequences!” Over the years, he grew to admire body builders like Arnold Schwartzenegger and pursued strength training with gusto. His firm belief that being strong is a more attainable, healthier fitness goal than being skinny can be seen in his latest project, the 30 Day Challenge (see next slide). 

Setting Goals: Kicking Butt and Taking Names in 30 Days

About finding time to work out, Tom had this to say. “We’re in this incredible time. With workout videos online, you can get fit basically anywhere. However, without the motivation, without a plan, people are basically at a loss. Even now, we’re getting back to the basics of, tell me what to do, don’t make it too much, don’t make it too hard.” That’s where an easy plan comes into play.

Tom’s philosophy favors consistency over everything. Making time at your desk with a few ab crunches every day, walking around, stretching can do as much good as a run that can only be squeezed in once or twice a week, inconsistently. That’s why a set plan, like 30 day challenges that can be found all over the web, are crucial for starting healthy fitness habits and sticking to them.

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