Carbs Help Weight Loss

Research Shows Carbs Help Weight Loss

For decades dieters have avoided eating carbohydrates, believing their consumption leads to sluggishness, bloating and fat. However, new research shows a diet in which about 65% of the daily caloric intake is made up from carbs is the best way to become and stay thin. In fact, there are new diet plans for weight loss that actually encourage eating carbs.

Relevant research findings from the University of Surrey in the UK include the following information about carbs:

• The slimmest people eat more carbs than people who are overweight

• Carb-filled foods are digested slowly so they are effective appetite suppressants 

• The right ones turn off hunger pangs and increase metabolism

• A good mix of them helps control diabetes and blood sugar 

• They can reduce stomach fat faster than other foods

The best approach to losing weight for the long term is eating the right kind of carbohydrates.  Choose carbstars, which are carbohydrates high in resistant starches; foods such as bananas, beans, oats, potatoes, barley, and whole wheat pasta resist digestion and do not raise blood sugar levels. Balance about 25% carbstars with lean meat, low fat dairy, fruits and veggies. Choose reasonable portion sizes and have healthy foods available for snacks.

Following a seven day kick-start diet with carbstars can result in more than a five pound weight loss. Continuing to follow the plan coupled with a regular exercise program will keep weight off for life. You can achieve your diet goals and continue to eat the foods you love.

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