Wake-Up Call – The Line Between Healthy and Unhealthy Exercise

Exercise is always associated with staying healthy and in shape. But there is also such a thing as unhealthy exercise – that is when exercise becomes an obsession. When your exercise goals are not about health and fitness and singularly about burning calories, and when your exercise habits have become a compulsion and detrimental to your health and overall lifestyle, then you might have what is called “exercise bulimia.”

Here are the signs you should watch out for:

  • Exercising for the singular purpose of burning calories
  • Having anxiety and feeling agitated and irritable when you miss a workout
  • Exercising even when you are sick or injured
  • Refusing to eat if you haven’t exercised 
  • Exercising several times and/or hours per day, every day
  • Planning your schedule around your workout
  • Prioritizing exercise over everything else, including family and friends
  • Suffering from amenorrhea, dehydration, exhaustion, osteoporosis, and other health conditions caused by excessive physical activity

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