Kayla Itsines Interview

Australian fitness icon and the face of the workout app, Sweat, Kayla Itsines, does not believe in calorie counting. For the fitness queen – with 11 million IG followers and more than 30 million downloads of her Sweat app – mindfulness is key to being fit and healthy. 

According to Itsines, mindfulness means “”staying calm, focusing on your mind … getting in touch with your body and really listening to it.” Itsines believes in the important role of meditation and sleep to overall health. 

Every time she begins coaching an individual, she asks them about their confidence level; how well they’re sleeping; and how they think about their body and themselves when they look in the mirror. She says these questions are at the core of mindfulness, and will help people understand why they desire certain things – such as losing weight or being a certain size – and why they perceive themselves a certain way. 

She also believes that in order to stay motivated, one has to set attainable goals.

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