Baby Steps to Big Changes: Tackling Fitness One Step at a Time

Have you ever renovated a house or redecorated a room? If so, then you know there is a step-by-step process. There’s a logical reason that you don’t start demolishing walls and floors without a plan: chaos would likely ensue. The same goes for deciding to transform your lifestyle and body – drastic and extreme changes often result in chaos. 

Your body is your home, it’s where you live and it is the one place that you will live in for your entire life. If  the state of your body has gotten away from you, it is best to start slow and make deliberate adjustments to change it. 

Set Your Foundation

Think one step at a time. If you are starting from sedentary scratch, make a commitment to begin incorporating short bouts of exercise throughout you day. This is as simple as opening your front door and walking for 10 minutes in one direction and then turning around and walking back home. You will accumulate 20 minutes of active and fresh air activity before you know it. 

Body weight exercise regimens like walking, jogging, or swimming challenge and improve your levels of conditioning. Start off with 20 minutes of exercise three days a week. Once you get into a patterned schedule, increase your activity time by five minutes each week.

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