How To Break Up With Your Trainer

The relationship between a fitness trainer and client can often blur the lines between a professional relationship and a friendship. It can happen to the best of us. You spend a lot of time together. You may share life stories, emotional frustrations and physical challenges. After all personal training can be rather personal.

Your trainer becomes your cheerleader, your confidante and your weekly workout buddy. But what happens when your trainer is not working out for you anymore?

Do you find yourself sneaking to other classes or workouts out of curiosity, seeking change or challenge? Do you feel like you are breaking the laws of client-trainer fidelity?

So how do you do it? How do you leave your fitness trainer without feeling guilty? 

Be Honest: if your expectations are not being met or if you are ready to move on and try something new, be honest. Any service professional knows that client satisfaction is the number one priority. A professional trainer will appreciate and respect your honesty. 

Be Clear: Don’t make excuses for wanting a change of pace, person or methodology. A good trainer will understand your need for change. Life and the body are dynamic. Change can be difficult but also motivating and good.

Be Your Own Champion: There are no written rules that say you are required to stay in a professional relationship that’s not meeting your needs. You don’t need permission to move on. A really good trainer will wish you well and validate your feelings.

Be Courteous: Don’t start canceling workouts last minute. Do give your trainer at least a week notice of your departure. Trainers become attached to clients too and notice of a client’s departure is always better if there is time to plan for it. A strong trainer will make sure you have all the tools you need to move on and be successful.

Be Real: Don’t make promises of returning soon or just needing time off for a bit. Let your trainer know that you are embarking on a new fitness adventure. A respectful trainer will be excited and happy for you, encourage your motivation and wish you success.

Finally, remember that your workout time belongs to you and you alone. Be gracious in departing as you move on to new experiences. A stellar trainer does not hold grudges or expect clients to be exclusive to or reliant on them for life.

 A real trainer’s greatest success is  measured by clients embracing strength in self empowerment and self efficacy. 

The best trainer wants you to succeed and be brilliant no matter what. 

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