Peak Fit System – A Workout Hater’s Bestfriend

The Peak Fit System is a workout “program designed for experienced exercisers who are not getting the results they want and are ready to take themselves to the next level.” (Michelle Dozois, creator the Peak 10 Fit Body Challenge)

The routines are definitely not for beginners. They promise to make you fitter, stronger, and leaner in just 8 weeks. The original Peak Fit System has evolved into the new Peak 10 Fit Body Challenge, which includes 8 different workouts for an 8-week long program. Within this period, your fat loss will be accelerated and you will lose weight; you will trigger the “afterburn” effect; you will sculpt your muscles and make them leaner and toner; and you will reset your metabolism. 

The new and more comprehensive program also includes a complete nutrition system. 

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