How Everyone Benefits By Becoming A Runner

A new study shows how, if everyone became a runner, the tremendous changes our society could see

How Everyone Benefits By Becoming A Runner

Don’t worry, we get it and we’re pretty sure you do, too. Running is great for you. It requires no gym membership, no expensive equipment, is a stress reliever, help controls weight, and, well, you get the point. But, do you really know just how beneficial running is for not only you but the world’s population? A new study by Mizuno Running shows us just how much we can benefit, as a society, if we put on a pair of gym shoes and got outside.

We aren’t going to pretend like you don’t know that smoking is bad. Running and smoking? Come on, now. We all know that those two go together about as good as Olaf and his longing for a summer tan. In fact, if everyone became a runner, the population would smoke up to 48 million fewer cigarettes each day. 

In addition, we would have twenty percent stronger memory, spend seven billion more hours spent outside and have 63 million happier dogs. There would also be 60 million more pounds of pasta being consumed. Ugh, do you even need to keep reading?

If you aren’t a dog owner, don’t fret because we’ve got something to make you want to start lacing your shoes. The improvement to our health, from running, would be enough to save up to 143 billion dollars in health care costs.

Now, this one may seem a little hard to grasp because, simply put, we all love social media. But, if we all started to run, we would spend 14 billion fewer hours online. Crazy? It might be. Not looking at that computer screen of playing Flappy Bird on your phone could really do you some good, though.

For more information, or to see where Mizuno got their information from and how it all came together, click here.

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