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Gisele Bündchen Proves She’s A Badass In The New Under Armour Campaign

Supermodel Gisele Bündchen has signed on to as one of the faces for the newest Under Armour campaign, “I Will What I Want.”  This campaign is all about women’s empowerment to beat out the noise that surrounds us and to simply be you.

With this new campaign comes a whole new motto and a whole new kind of attention from the public. Gisele fiercely shows the public what it’s like to perform an unabashedly kick-ass workout while blocking out any habitual noise. Internet comments both stingingly hateful and graciously kind are projected on the walls while she beats on a kickboxing bag.  

“Stick to modeling, sweetie” 

“Gisele is not an athlete”


“She’s a mother and an inspiration”

We see a whole new side to Gisele and are reminded that she’s got more in her than just the facade of a supermodel.  We see a fiercely strong woman who lives her life by blocking out the bad and sticking to who she is and what she stands for. Under Armour’s campaign adopts Gisele’s inner self-image into what they stand for and whom they are really creating their products for. 

Sometimes we all need a little reminder to STOP listening to the society tweets and magazine expectations that are boldly printed in our faces each day. We need to remember our real fabulous, sexy inner self and let that truly reflect our outer self without all the add on’s.  Gisele does just this in this video ad.  She powers through her kickboxing training taking one punch, one leg kick and one breath at a time.  Slowly but surely she kicks the message of “I Will What I Want” home. 

Check out the video below for more details on Under Armour’s newest campaign.

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