No Membership? No Problem! Try Tabata At Home!

Are you ready to loose an inch on your waist? Well get your butt in gear, put those gym shoes on and get experienced in Tabata training. 

Whether you want to increase your strength, lose some pounds, improve your flexibility, or build muscle, Tabata training can provide all four improvements. 

Tabata training was discovered and named by a Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata in Tokyo. The moderately intense aerobic challenge showed such impressive results that the training became a trendy pound shredding sensation.

This exercise is for every body type, but you must have the right determined mindset to achieve your goals.  Discipline and a strong-willed mind will get you through every push-up, squat, row, and sit-up.   

Watch this video to learn more and try out the 10-minute calorie-blasting Tabata workout.

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