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Jump On In: Aqua Cycling Is The Newest Fitness Trend

Aqua cycling, yes that’s right.  After all, the entire world is made up of over 70% water, so why not take advantage? Created in Europe, this innovative exercise fad has crossed overseas and building up popularity with New York taking the lead. Cycling teachers are bringing things to a whole new level by dunking similar cycling machines from a studio into a lap pool. Unexpectedly, there are actually very few modifications between being on land and in a pool.

The core element separating the two different workouts, other than water of course, is that aqua cycling is much more user friendly. Many people who stay away from regular spinning classes are those who suffer from arthritis and aching muscles, which problems are effortlessly erased by water. With spinning underwater you will find your body supported and cocooned, taking gravity away from your joints, and preventing any of your usual cycling muscle pains. It is commonly described by participants as if you are biking in zero gravity.

One of the major differences cyclists will immediately notice is that there are no speed adjustments to make while riding the waterproof bike, placing the rapid pace all in the hands of the rider instead of keeping up with your instructor. Your instructor will still most likely be as extreme as ever, barking encouragements and asserting speed, making the exercise still remain one of the most intense workouts available.

The pool temperature is also warmer than usual, keeping your body temperature high and sweating unavoidable. Not only will you find yourself sweating, but burning an average of 800 calories an hour!

So for those looking to shake up their old biking routine, and taking the phrase bringing back your bikini body literally, this workout might be exactly what you’re looking for. 

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