Mountain Pose: Tadasana Explained

While it looks incredibly simple, the mountain pose provides yogis with great benefits. This pose helps to improve posture, balance, and it can help reduce common back pains when practiced regularly. Many yoga routines begin with mountain pose because it helps to prepare you mentally and physically for the workout ahead. 


  1. Stand with your feet together and place your arms at your sides.
  2. Evenly distribute your weight through the balls and heels of your feet. (You shouldn’t be leaning forward or backward.)
  3. Spread your toes to create a more solid platform for your pose.
  4. Keep your legs straight, without locking your knees.
  5. Inhale, and lift your body upwards from your waist to elongate your spine.
  6. Exhale and drop your shoulders down.
  7. Inhale and lift your arms up near your ears, shoulder-width apart. (They should create a H shape.)
  8. Exhale and release your arms, bringing your palms together in front of your chest.
  9. Repeat for 8-10 more breaths. 

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