5 Simple Steps to Creating Your Personal Fitness Plan

Going to the gym and working out when you can is great, but creating a personal fitness plan is even better.  Setting personal fitness goals and a personal fitness schedule are incredibly important; they help keep you motivated, which leads to impressive results.  To create your own personal fitness plan, follow these 5 simple steps!

Step One: Determine Your Level of Personal Fitness
Before you start creating your personal fitness plan, you need to know what your body is capable of.  If you are a beginner, you don’t want to start with high-intensity, two-hour long workouts.  This will simply result in exhaustion and possibly injury.  There is a series of physical tests you can undergo to find out your personal fitness level.  Read all about them and what they mean here. 
Step Two: Determine Whether of Not You Need a Personal Fitness Trainer
Are you self-motivated or do you need support from an outside source to keep you going?  Do you have an advanced knowledge of fitness and workouts, or are you a beginner?  Do you have the funds to join a gym and pay for sessions with a personal fitness trainer?  These are the questions you need to ask yourself before you decide whether you need a trainer or not.  If you’re still unsure, go to your gym and speak to someone about personal training sessions.  You can always sign up for one session and add more if you enjoy it.

Step Three: Determine Your Personal Fitness Personality

Are you someone who loves going to the gym, or would you rather work out at home?  Do you love being outdoors when you exercise or do you feel more comfortable doing it in front of your TV?  Do you need others around you for motivation or are you okay on your own?  Learn what the answers to these questions mean and read more about finding your personal fitness personality here.
Step Four: Pick a Workout
Now that you know what kind of workout is best for you, it’s time to go ahead and pick one out!  We have a great selection of step-by-step workouts for you to choose from right here!
Step Five: Set a Schedule
Setting a schedule will help keep you committed and motivated.  Take a look at your body clock and try to make a personal fitness schedule that makes the most of your high-energy times of day.  If you need help creating your personal fitness schedule, click here.

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