5 Ways to Intensify Your Workout

After months of exercise, your progress may eventually come to a halt – your weight loss reaching a plateau. What can you do? What you need is to find ways to intensify your workout routine. Here are 5 ways to do it. 

  1. Add more weight. Increase the weight of your dumbbells or when you use gym equipment. Do this gradually, one or two pounds at a time. You should always feel sore by the time you’re doing your last reps. 
  2. Add more repetitions to each set. You can maintain the weight or reduce it. 
  3. Increase your workout speed. Shorten the breaks between sets, and speed up your reps. Do the same with your cardio. 
  4. Slow down. You’ll do this to focus more on each muscle group that you work out. You slow down each rep as you concentrate on every movement. You can combine this with the increase in weight. With cardio, you can run slowly or brisk-walk on an incline. 
  5. Increase your workout time. You can do this for one, two, or all your sessions per week. But it’s better to add as much variety to your routine as possible, to keep your body guessing. 

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