Win A Fitbit Wireless Personal Trainer!

Win A Fitbit Wireless Personal Trainer!

Have you ever wanted an easy way to keep track of your health and fitness goals and the progress you’ve made? That’s exactly what a Fitbit does, and Fit&FabLiving is giving one away.

How Do I Enter?

Simple – all you have to do is Like’ the Fit&FabLiving Facebook page and enter through the sweepstakes form! The contest runs from Monday, June 6th through Friday, July 1st!

More About the Fitbit

1. Tracks your quantity and quality of sleep
Before you go to bed, you strap the Fitbit to your wrist and hold down the button until it goes into sleep mode.  When you wake up, you hold it down again to take it out of sleep mode.  While you’re asleep, the Fitbit tracks how many times you move or wake up to determine your quality of sleep.  It also tells you how long it took you to fall asleep.
2. Tracks your number of steps
Like a pedometer, the Fitbit attaches to your waistband/pocket/bra and it counts the number of steps you take throughout the day.  The goal is 10,000 and I often found myself competing with myself to achieve it!
3. Tracks the number of calories you burn
Even when you’re asleep, the Fitbit calculates how many calories you’ve burned based on your movements.  This helps you balance your calorie intake to ensure you’re meeting your goals.  (I can’t even tell you how awesome it is to wake up having known you’ve burned 400 calories already!)
4. Tracks your calorie intake
While the Fitbit itself isn’t involved in the food tracking process, the Fitbit website is.  Input the food you eat and the glasses of water you drink for calorie estimates throughout the day.  This way, you’ll learn how to balance your calories burned vs. your calorie intake.
5. Tracks other health-related numbers
The Fitbit website has a number of other metrics you can monitor, including your blood glucose, heart rate, and blood pressure. While it’s nice to keep all this information in one place, the Fitbit will not provide this information for you (i.e. the Fitbit cannot determine your heart rate)- you will have to figure it out yourself).  There’s also a journal for you to use, which I imagine would be helpful if you’re an emotional eater or if you like to track your workouts.

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