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Barre Classes: Elegant Fitness For Everyone

A fitness class is often associated with sweaty bodies jumping up and down, perhaps even groaning. Barre classes are the opposite. Particularly because of the ballet-like movements that provide long and lean toning.

Barre fitness incorporates movements to improve agility, range of motion, and core strength. This makes the method a good fit for someone who is new to exercise or is recovering from injury. The routine focuses on balance and everyday fitness so that you can return to daily activities feeling confident. 

Participants will also feel stronger and look slimmer. Ballet and Pilates-style movements tend to lengthen muscles rather than causing individuals to develop bulk. There is no jumping, so if you have had to give up high impact aerobics or jogging, Barre fitness classes might perfectly suit your needs. 

A Barre workout is a bit like a dance class with lots of slow, graceful motions leading to poses and postures that force the body to stabilize its core. At the same time, participants learn the value of good posture for balance and are able to reduce physical pain in the shoulders and back. By working the large leg and buttock muscles, individuals use lots of energy, burn calories, and breathe deeply. While the workout appears effortless when performed well, a Barre class is hard work but it offers great rewards.

Want to try?

Here are 5 Barre moves you can try at home!

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