Wake Up Yoga

Start your day with energy and a great workout with the help of this short, no-nonsense routine.

Wake Up Yoga

If a cup of coffee just doesn’t do it for you, yoga is a great way to get a morning pick-me-up (or in the middle of the day if you can’t sit at your desk any longer!) Heidi Kristoffer with Shape.com offers up a fabulous morning routine that is sure to get your blood pumping while getting you ready for the day.

From the tree pose to warrior I, this no-nonsense workout will kick your body into action, utilizing all of your muscles to not only wake you up, but also give you an excellent workout. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day to get the workout you need, but with this simple, quick workout, all you’ll need is a few minutes and a mat.

Expect to feel a little light-headed so keep a water bottle at the ready, and don’t forget to eat breakfast before you rush out the door to work. Anytime you workout, you should always have a snack, but especially in the morning to help fuel you for the rest of your day.

Prepare your body and mind for an amazing, energetic day with this less than 10-minute workout!

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