No Gym Needed: 5 Workouts You Can Do Outside

No Gym Needed: 5 Workouts You Can Do Outside

Forget the workout–getting to the gym is the hard work! How many times have you put off your workout because you were too tired or just couldn’t find the motivation to get moving? Well, the good news is that warmer weather leaves room for fewer excuses. With the right moves, you can workout just as effectively at home or outside as at a gym.

Jump Rope
Delve back into your childhood and whip out that dusty ol’ jump rope. This simple child’s toy is actually wonderful cardiovascular exercise. Also, If you have children, you should try jumping rope together. See how many of the same jump rope songs you both know. Setting up competitions either with yourself or others will keep this activity from going stale. How many jumps can you get in a row?

Just move. Running is one of the best ways to stay fit while avoiding the gym. Run through your neighborhood, parks, jogging trails–anywhere. It’s is also a great way to explore the area you live in. You might be surprised by how much you didn’t know is around you. If you have joint problems that prevent you from running or jogging, try walking. Keep a brisk pace, and for an additional challenge, hike a hilly area.

Play Sports
Create your own intramural team. Playing sports is a great way to workout without feeling like you’re working out. Grab a group of friends together and play tennis, soccer, basketball, softball or any other sport you can think of. Plus, it should be much easier to convince your friends to play a game than accompany you to the gym. Who knows, it could turn into a much-anticipated weekly event.

Forget the Stairmaster. If you are looking for a challenge, try running or walking actual stairs. You can run stairs at home, outside or any place that isn’t too populated with people. Run up and down the stairs as many times as you can before you are fatigued. If you are finding yourself worn out after only a flight or two, slow your pace down until you build endurance.

Experience your town with two wheels instead of four. Bicycling is not only great for your heart, but it’s practical, too! With gas prices seemingly always on the rise, you can avoid the expense by biking to your destination. Don’t forget a change of clothes if you’re riding far! Grab a friend or family member, pack a lunch and take a ride on a local bike trail. Stop in a park or scenic area and enjoy a relaxing picnic as a reward.