Body-Sculpting Pool Workouts

If you love the water, then why not make fitness fun and get your workout in the pool! Swimming workouts are much more than just laps! It’s the perfect summer workout, so get in that swimsuit, jump in the pool and get splashing! Swimming pool workouts are especially great if you’re suffering from a muscle or joint injury because you avoid pounding hard surfaces, which can worsen your condition.  Swimming on a consistent basis is not only great for your cardiovascular health, but it also increases endurance and muscle strength. Making swimming part of your regular routine will give you the sculpted body you’ve always dreamed of! 

Start your workout by swimming laps to get your heart rate up.  These workouts are based on a 25-yard pool (one length).  If you only have access to a smaller pool, you can adapt these workouts by doubling the pool lengths.  For example, if the workout specifies swimming 2 pool lengths or 50 yards, you can swim 3 or 4 lengths of a smaller pool.


  • Swim 50 yards (2 pool lengths) free-style and another 50 yards back stroke or breast stroke.

Body Toning Exercises

  • Walk in the shallow end of the pool.  As you walk, lift your knee up to your chest while keeping your back straight. Tighten those abs as your knee approaches your chest.
  • Go to the deep end and tread water for at least 1 minute.  Take a break and then repeat 7-10 times. This move tones your abs and your entire body.
  • Using a kickboard, lie on your back, hug the kickboard to your chest and flutter kick with abs tight as legs move back and forth.


  • 2 X 25-yard free-style sprint (a sprint should require you to be breathing hard by the end; moderate to hard intensity). Rest for 30 seconds. 3 X 50 yard any style sprint. Rest for 1 minute. Finish the workout off by swimming at a regular pace for the last 20 minutes.
  • 6 X 50 yards at a moderate pace. Use freestyle for all laps for the greatest challenge, otherwise pick a stroke that’s comfortable for you. Take between 30 seconds and 1 minute in between each lap.
  • 5 X 25-yard freestyle sprint. Use a kickboard for 50 yards to get a great leg workout! Rest for 1 minute. 3 X 25-yard breast stroke sprint. Use a kick board for 25 yards. Rest for 1 minute.

Cool Down

  • Swim 100 yards at an easy pace.

Check your local park district or community pool to see if they offer water aerobics classes!  This can be a fun way to incorporate water workouts into your routine!