Water Fitness Workouts, Exercises and Tips

Water Fitness Workouts
A water fitness workout can be just as grueling as one on land. You work out your entire body, and it really feels great.

Splash Your Way to Success with This 25-Minute Pool Workout!
 – Pool workouts offer a cool alternative to the gym on those hot summer days and tighten and tone more muscle groups because of water resistance, leaving you bikini-ready. With little equipment needed for this calorie-torcher, just add water, and swim your way to a better body and a healthier you. Read about this workout here.

Body Sculpting Pool Workouts! – If you love the water, then why not make fitness fun and get your workout in the pool! Swimming workouts are much more than just laps! It’s the perfect summer workout, so get in that swimsuit, jump in the pool and get splashing! Click here for the rest of this workout.

Get Your Bathing Suit Body in 8 Weeks – You’re looking forward to the warm weather and maybe you even have a vacation planned. Beat that summer bathing suit stress by starting your own Beach Body Workout. Find out how to look great while in the water here!

Water Fitness Exercises
When you’re swimming in the pool, it’s always a good idea to consider how it can keep us fit. Water fitness exercises are quick and can have long-lasting results.  

Water Aerobics Do you want to work out in the pool, but swim endless numbers of boring laps? Register for a water aerobics class, and you can add fun and variety to your exercise routine. Read more here!

Slim Down For Summer – With summer in full swing, it becomes increasingly difficult to hide your body  under layers of clothing.  Instead of stressing over how to cover up your body, make a change in your lifestyle – start exercising! That means going for a swim. Click here for the rest of this tip.

Tips for Water Fitness

Get Moving – Be active for at least 2.5 hours a week to stay in good health. Include activities that raise your breathing and heart rates such as jogging, swimming, playing tennis, or even brisk walking. Maintain an elevated heart rate for at least 30 minutes for best results.

Work Out With Your Family – Go swimming. Everyone loves jumping into some cold water on a hot day, so head to a pool or beach for an enjoyable afternoon.  Swimming is not only refreshing, but it’s a total-body workout that helps tone your muscles and promote healthy cardiovascular and respiratory systems.  

A Quick Cure to Swimmer’s Ear – If you are prone to getting swimmer’s ear, try using a blow dryer on your ears. Put the hair dryer  on your ears after each swimming trip and hold it about a foot away from your ear. Let the air from the dryer blow at least 30 seconds into each ear. This should dry your ears better than using a towel, and it will help eliminate the warm, moist environment that causes swimmer’s ear. 

A Little Water Therapy – Does a hectic summer schedule have you all tensed up? Ease your anxieties with a dip in the pool. A study revealed that swimming has a positive impact on mood. People experienced not only a reduction in tension levels, but also an improvement in their energy levels after a swim. And swimming is an excellent low-impact exercise that burns calories while cushioning joints.