Jackie Warner’s 7 Minute Full-Body Workout

When it comes to workouts, celebrity personal trainer Jackie Warner knows that it’s not necessarily about the time you spend exercising, but the intensity of your workouts.  You can get great results from a short, high-intensity workout, making it easy to fit exercise into your schedule.  Here’s a super-simple 7-minute workout that she recommends to her clients when they don’t have much time, but they want to see results.

1.    Start by doing 10 squats.
2.    Next, do 10 push-ups.
3.    Finish by doing 10 crunches.
4.    Repeat this series 10 times.

This workout is called “300,” as you end up doing 300 exercises in just 7 minutes.  It’s the perfect workout for people with a tight schedule, as it can be squeezed into your free time.  It’s also a great workout because it exercises your entire body.  The squats will tone your butt and legs, the push-ups will work your chest and arms, and the crunches are for your abs.  Talk about the quickest full-body workout there is!  

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