JJ Virgin’s 4 Tips For Staying Motivated During The Winter

JJ Virgin’s 4 Tips For Staying Motivated During The Winter

For most of us, winter is the toughest time to keep up our fitness program and to continue our healthy eating diets. JJ Virgin, a top nutrition expert and host of the hit TLC show, “Freaky Eaters,” admitted that when the weather gets cold, it’s really easy for some of us to abandon our workouts. But it’s all about staying motivated. Here are JJ’s top tips for keeping your head up and keeping your body moving during the winter.

1. Book a trip some where warm! Of course, that’s not possible for all of us, so if you can’t afford a trip where a swimsuit will be one of your main outfits, make sure to have a pair of “truth jeans,” as JJ calls them. Try them on once a week to give you a inspiring boost when you start to slack at the gym. JJ admitted that it’s hard to lose focus when all you’re wearing are bulky clothes because of the cold. So make sure your clothing is fitted and complements your figure.

2. Get more sleep! Especially in the winter, you’re going to need more sleep, JJ says. Take advantage of the fact that the days are shorter and the nights are longer by going to be a little earlier each night. You might not notice the difference at first, but soon you’ll have more energy to get to the gym for some more grueling workouts.

3. Eat high-nutrient comfort foods! By improving your diet, you’ll feel more ready to hit the treadmill even if the weather is crummy outside. JJ says that your crockpot can be one of your biggest friends in the winter. Make some filling soup, that low in calories and high in fiber. Meals like that will really get you pumped.

4. Find other ways to get fit! Don’t keep the same summer workout during November and December. Change things up to keep yourself engaged. JJ recommends taking classes at your local gym, especially cross-fit and spinning classes. Also, when in doubt, always take the stairs! Every little bit counts, especially in the winter!