Celebrity Fitness Expert Unlocks the Secret to Achieving a Sleek, Sculpted Body

Celebrity Fitness Expert Unlocks the Secret to Achieving a Sleek, Sculpted Body

Dale Dymkoski, celebrity fitness expert and leader in the Los Angeles fitness community, has the knowledge and expertise to help anyone improve and transform their body. He has trained former Pussy Cat Doll, Jessica Sutta, keeping her in tip-top shape. But he also has tons of useful tips and tricks for the non-pop star, too! Fit&Fab Living was lucky enough to interview Dale and get his take on what it really takes to gain a long, lean and sculpted body.  Keep reading to gain insight into the mind of a personal trainer who really knows what it takes to achieve a body you can flaunt.

Dale’s fitness philosophy, Changing Bodies, encapsulated his number one belief—that strength training is fundamental to attaining a sleek and toned body.  “The magic bullet to burn body fat is strength training,” said Dale during the interview.

How does Dale train his clients? We were lucky enough to get a sample of the type of strength training regimen that Dale uses to get real results!

A strength training session with Dale Dymkoski involves performing compound movements in quick succession to tone muscles and keep your heart rate up.

Here’s a sample workout:

Perform 3 rounds of 3 exercises in rapid succession with an emphasis on good form. By the end of this workout, you’ll have worked out many major muscle groups and given your metabolism a kick start for the rest of the day.

Round 1:

Squats, chest press, pull up – 3 times at 10-15 reps each

Round 2:

Split squats, push ups, lateral pull down – 3 times at 10-15 reps each

Round 3:

Dumbbell row, deadlift, tricep dip – 3 times at 10-15 reps each

Why is strength training so important?

According to Dale, strength training burns stored body fat for much longer than cardio alone. After a strength training workout, your metabolism has been activated and will continue to burn more calories after the workout. Strength training helps build lean tissue, which will keep your metabolism running at a higher rate. And with more lean muscle, you’ll burn more total calories at the end of the day. So instead of performing tons of cardio to burn those extra calories, Dale recommends supplementing your cardio training with strength training at least twice a week–three times a week for optimum results.

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