3 Workout Machines You Need To Start Using

Running on the treadmill is a great way to get some cardio in your workout, but there are tons of other machines in the gym that can also help you get that wonderful workout burn. Try these three machines during your next workout. Together, they can work your legs and arms out, and give you a new way to get some cardio.

1. Leg Press – Who wouldn’t want their rear to be toned and tight? The leg press machine is one of the best exercise machines for women working on their legs and behinds. Your quads and glutes will benefit from this machine because the majority of your body is still, while those muscles do all the work. When you’re adjusting the machine, try to make it so that your thighs are also parallel to the plate as you lay back. Your feet should be as wide as your hips and then should be bent. Then extend your legs forward so that they push against the plate, but make sure not to lock your knees. Bend your knees slowly and return your legs to the starting position and repeat!

2. Elliptical Machine – This exercise machine can work a variety of lower body muscles depending on the incline and resistance you choose. Some individuals prefer it to the treadmill because of that fact, but also because it doesn’t put as much pressure on your joints. Even if cardio doesn’t make a regular appearance in your workout, we think you should try this machine. The elliptical is low impact, but it actually combines the movements and benefits of hiking, skiing and biking. You can even read a magazine while you do it to make the time fly!

3. Cable Tower – Don’t be scared off by this machine. You might see tons of men using it, but that doesn’t mean that you should avoid it. In truth, this is the one machine that you need to give a chance. The cable tower not only has tons of different features like weight stacks and modifiable cables, but you can do a variety of exercise with it. Rows, curls and tons of other exercises for your biceps are more than doable. The cable tower can give your arms the definition, and you won’t get bored!